The lil Bimmer that saved the company

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This Bimmer is simply not talked about enough in my opinion.  The 700 single-handedly saved BMW from certain doom in the early 60s.  It has an amazing racing history having both the old and the new generation of great racing drivers pilot it around Europe’s fiercest tracks.  At age 60 Hans Stuck Sr clinched the 1960 German Hill Climb Championship in a 700.  One of the new generation of race drivers then took his turn in a 700 with none other than Jacky Ickx making his competition debut in a BMW 700 at Course de Côte de la Roche.

It saved BMW from extinction, was raced by amazing drivers old and young and possibly influenced a Chevy.  Not bad for a little Bimmer powered by a R67 motorcycle engine in the trunk and air cooled at that!  Something about those rear engined, air cooled German cars really makes them destined for greatness!