Sabine Schmitz Will you marry me?

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Yes this post does not feature, show, mention, hint or even think about a BMW that was MadeInWestGermany.  It is about someone from West Germany though, and this someone is not only very special to the motorsports world but she is the wife of this websites creator, unbeknownst to her.  The marriage part she wont know about until I pay my 185 Euros, ride in her ‘ring taxi and get the courage to pop the question using a blue and white ring fashioned out of  M12 turbo bearings.   So if you see her dont ruin the surprise, thanks!

She is however more than just an amazing (and beautiful) German woman, she has an incredible passion for driving, and not just driving but driving very fast while smiling (ahhh).  Watching her push a diesel Ford van around the ‘ring to beat Jeremy Clarkson was a lesson in how to be a competitive driver while also being funny, cracking jokes about how the Porsche guys will feel being passed by a girl, in a van, that is a diesel, on a race track, ya!  The 58th time I watched that TopGear clip I was still smiling, gazing at the beauty on the screen, dreaming of walking down the aisle, I mean across the starting line to then spend the rest of my life with the ‘queen of the ring’.

She is so entertaining to watch, funny  and such a damn good driver, sit back and watch a motorsports legend, a truly great race car driver and one of the rings fastest drivers, who just happens to be a beautiful woman, and bride to be, shhhhh!