My car must have a soul

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Well finally! No longer do I have to try and explain why I drive old Bimmers with metal bumpers. No more talking about how tuning the valves every 6 months is a way to connect with my Bimmer. No more blank stares as I wax poetically about the connection I have with my old Bimmer that has driven 330,000 miles on this earth. The next time anyone asks why I dont buy one of those really awesome new BMWs with flappy paddles, iDrive and more computing power than my iPhone 2g, Ill have an answer that requires no talking.

This video is all I need to explain myself.

If you watch it and dont get it, check your steering wheel next time your driving, its probably a soulless, plastic bumpered and a really efficient mode of transportation from point A to B. You can have your soulless heathen of a ‘car’. Ill be on High Bridge road feeling every bump in the road through the front wheels that are one with my arms, visualizing the weight transferring from wheel to wheel as I clip the apex and sweating with no air conditioning. But most important of all I will be smiling at the connection I have with the soul of my old Bimmer.