Hemmings Six Degrees tackles BMW

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Hemmings is one of my favorite auto magazines.  Its for the same reason Top Gear is so perfect a car show.  They get “it”!  What is “it”?  “It” is that understanding among car enthusiasts that you are one of the club, not some phony who doesn't know his Dino from his Ferrari.  The drivable dream feature is always the first thing I flip to when a new Hemmings comes in the mail.  Showing some old rusty, ripped up interior wreck from the 1930s that is still driving along, yes I get it.

Hemmings excellent blog has a feature based on the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thingy that started a while ago.  I dont really care about Kevin Bacon, but I love the connections you can make with different car companies.  Finally, yes finally, they tackle BMW.  If your still lost, basically go read the article, then sift through the comments where youll find out how Ferdinand Porsche relates to BMW, yes its that fun.

Hemmings Six Degrees of Seperation - BMW