Beater Bimmers - The German HotRod

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There is something about a beat up Bimmer, it looks right. Bimmers that are perfect, fashionistas for sure. Bimmers that are rusty, dented, chipped, tired and haggard, those are Bimmers that are happy Bimmers. Bimmer are meant to be driven and driven hard down that bumpy rough road, delivering miles of smiles to their owners. Dare I say that Bimmers are the German version of a HotRod? Just like HotRods, they dont look right with blingy shiny chrome and paint, perfect interiors and poser owners standing next to them.

You say Beater Bimmer and I think of this, hours of love poured into her by the faithful owner paid back with the best driving imaginable, not by squinting at the shine.