About MIWG


Rolling boxes of pure sport driving, the original sports sedans, and coupes capable of daily driving duties, the ultimate driving machine defined. Boxy coupes, sedans, and tourings. Two round lights on each side of the nose separated by a kidney-shaped grille. This is a Bimmer. The interior consists of flat door panels, nothing extravagant, just a sheet of vinyl covering the door guts. A driver’s cockpit that feels aviation inspired, the center dash controls slightly angled toward the pilot, I mean driver. A center console with a perfectly placed shifter that confirms each shift with a solid thud into each gear. The clutch pedal is flat-lined up with the brake and throttle pedal, all for performing a ballet atop the pedals called dance of the heel toe. This is a Bimmer.
But there are all kinds of Bimmers that drive amazing, like an extension of your body. How can I tell if my Bimmer is truly great? Open your drivers door, kneel down, look at the stick in your door jam, greatness is identified by these 4 simple word: Made in West Germany.
This site is about Bimmers that were made in West Germany. From the greatest daily driver capable sports car, the mighty E30, to the simple and utilitarian sports car of 2002. These amazing machines need to be preserved for future generations. The 2002s are already collectors items with rising prices. The E21s are quickly reaching that same collector status. Luckily BMW made it big in the 80s American market. Therefore we have roughly 3 million of the greatest daily driver sports car ever made, the mighty E30! We need to work together to preserve and maintain these awesome automobiles. Yes, some awesomeness will have to be sacrificed to preserve others, that is what the parts page is for. Need to replace the starter in your E30, restore the loose door panels on your E34, or adjust the valve on your M20? Check the blog for weekend wrencher walk through. Don’t have the time, patience, or wrenches? Drop your Bimmer off and get the work done by a BMW enthusiast who will get the job done right, warranty the work, and do it for cheaper than any shop out of love for the marque. Enjoy and feel free to email and let us know what we can do better or what we are doing right.